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YamahaGenerators.com has the complete selection of portable Industrial generators on the market to provide the power you need on the jobsite! For 20 years, YamahaGenerators.com has provided thousands of customers the best price and superior service on the entire line of Yamaha Power Products. Use a standard generator to power all the power tools or lighting you need to get the job done right. Quiet, powerful and economical Yamaha Generators will provide you years of service using the highest quality construction, design and performance on the market. We have the best price and service on the internet. We ship direct to your door with expert Freight Carriers. Trust the Yamaha Brand and YamahaGenerators.com to provide you the power you need, when you need it most!

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What is the difference between inverters and industrial generators?

Industrial generators work well for powering your RV and are not recommended for residential use. Inverters are better for powering small appliances such as radios, hair dryers, etc.

How loud are industrial generators?

They are louder than inverters, as inverters will power down to eco mode and run more quietly. Industrial generators usually run between 58-64 decibels.

Are Industrial Generators good for powering computers and other electronic devices?

Inverters are better for this purpose, as electronic devices have sensitive computer chips that could be damaged by higher power generators.

What can I power with a Yamaha Industrial Generator?

Some examples of power uses for industrial generator are:

  • Recharge 12-volt batteries with its 12-volt DC output for RVs, autos, and boats.
  • Run outdoor lights for a worksite.
  • Run outdoor power equipment.