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Battery - WP12-BS


Price: $79.99

Product Code: WP12-BS


The PowerSource battery is a universal replacement battery for the following models:
EF3000iSE, EF3000iSEB, EF4500iSE, EF5500DE, EF6300iSDE, and EF7200DE models.

It is a Gel Mat (NOT ACID FILLED) battery.

PowerSource WP Series batteries feature a completely sealed and maintenance free design. Factory pre-charged and Deep Cycle capable of up to 800 cycles for a typical user. Travel and shipping is made easy by being approved by the FAA, CAB, IATA, DOT, air transport and UPS.


Power SourceTM batteries feature sealed construction to allow safe operation in any position. A specialized “oxygen cycle” recombines gases during overcharge so there is no need to add electrolyte, and they are factory precharged.


Special separators, advanced deep cycle plate composition, and a carefully balanced electrolyte system have greatly improved the capability of recovering from deep discharge, up to 800 cycles.


Nothing could be easier with Power SourceTM batteries. Leak-Proof construction virtually eliminates the need for special precautions, shipping containers, or government approval.


High-Impact resistant ABS non-conductive plastic, styrene, or polypropylene make up the durable case and provides excellent resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals, and temperature.


Discharge currents of over ten times the rated capacity of the battery are a result of low internal resistance specifically found in Power SourceTM batteries. Smaller batteries may even be specific in applications requiring high peak currents.


Low self-discharge rate permits storage of fully charged batteries for up to one year at room temperature before charging is required. Lower room temperatures extend overall life.


Power SourceTM batteries may be discharged over a temperature range of -15°C to +50°C.

Battery Care & Maintenance


Any VRLA-AGM battery will be damaged by continual undercharging or overcharging (Capacity is reduced and life is shortened), although PowerSource Batteries accept a charge very well due to their low internal resistance. Overcharging is extremely harmful to any VRLA battery because of the sealed design. Overcharging dries out the electrolyte by driving the oxygen and hydrogen out of the battery through the pressure relief valves which will lead to less capacity and shorter lifetime. If a battery is continually undercharged, a barrier layer of sulfate will build up on the positive plate which will impact recharging acceptability. Premature plate shedding can also happen. Performance is reduced and life is shortened.

It is critical that a charger be used that limits voltage. The charger must be temperature-compensated to prevent under or overcharging due to ambient temperature changes. The warranty is void if PowerSource Batteries are improperly charged. Use a good constant potential, temperature-compensated, voltage-regulated charger. Constant current chargers should never be used on VRLA batteries.


If the battery has high temperature or poor ventilation during storage and delivery, the self-discharge will increase. So, keep good ventilation and keep away from fire, flame, heat supply etc. When storing the battery, take it off from the charger and load and keep it in the dry and cool place. Please supplement charge before use when the battery has been kept for a long time.


1. Keep batteries in a place where children cannot reach.

2. Do not attempt to disassemble, revise, damage, impact, dispose batteries, otherwise the battery can leak, be overheated, or explode.

3. Do not dispose of the batteries in water, fire, and do not heat the batteries.

4. Do not short batteries.

5. Do not put your face near the top of batteries. Please wear gloves and eye protection when you measure or repair batteries.

6. There is sulfuric acid in the battery. Do not make contact with sulfuric acid and skin, clothes, or especially your eyes. If eyes make contact with sulfuric acid, please wash with a lot of clean water, and consult a physician immediately!

7. The suitable temperature is -15° C~ +50° C , but it will have longer life in temperatures from 20° C~+30° C . The operation circumstances
are defined as: discharging temperature range: -15° C~ +50° C ; charging temperature range 0° C~ +40° C .

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5 of 5 Excellent Service April 16, 2022
Reviewer: RMPohl from Isle of Palms, SC United States  
I bought a Yamaha Inverter Generator a few years ago and recently a battery replacement.  I have been very pleased with their tech availability for questions.  Great company and highly recommend.

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4 of 5 Never arrived August 30, 2021
Reviewer: Aaron Hall from Calistoga , CA United States  
Like to give a review. Paid in full.
Never recent the battery for my Yamaha generator .

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5 of 5 Works great with my Yamaha EF3000iSEB generator September 18, 2020
Reviewer: Steve Lauterbach from Camp Connell, CA United States  
Has the parts included to make installation easy.

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5 of 5 Battery for Yamaha Generator August 17, 2020
Reviewer: Tim Kline from Coatesville, PA United States  
Finally had to replace the battery after 10 years in my trusty Yamaha Generator.  I ordered this battery, it was delivered in about a weeks time.  Fit was perfect and works like the original.

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5 of 5 High Quality and Great Price for GEL Battery July 2, 2020
Reviewer: MARC LARSON from MAPLE VALLEY, WA United States  
Replaced the Wet Cell Battery in my  EF3000iSEB Longer shelf life and less caustic for transporting.

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