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7XF-86261-00-00 ACC-GNRST-30-10 ACC-GNRST-30-20
Wireless Antenna
Price: $49.00
Part Number: 7XF-86261-00-00

Replacement Wireless FOB for the for the Yamaha EF4500 or EF6300 models starter.

Optional external antenna for the wireless remote start PAK-GNRST-30-00. Extends the wireless remote start range up to 300 ft. unobstructed. Part Number: ACC-GNRST-30-20

Replacement Wireless FOB for the for the Yamaha EF3000iSE or EF3000iSEB starter.

Wired Remote Starter Kit Wired Remote Starter Kit 7XF-Y8600-00-00
The 7VW-Y8720-00-00 Fits:
Generator - EF12000DE
Generator - EF4000DE/D
Generator - EF5200DE/D
Generator - EF6600DE/D
The 7P6-Y8720-A0-00 Fits:
Generator - EF5500DE/D
Generator - EF7200DE/D

Remote Starter for the Yamaha EF4500iSE or EF6300iSDE.